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On May the 4th, 2015 Mueller Buildings delivered the material for the addition. On the 18th of May work started on a 960 sq ft addition for the shop. It will have 3 work stations for the mechanics. Their new shop will be air conditioned and heated and each work station will have an exhaust fan that will hook on the unit's muffler and remove the fumes to the outside. Move-in happened August the 5th, 2015. Follow the build on Facebook.
We have cool technicians. Two days after move-in the outdoor temperature was 101. Inside their work area it was 75. We hope that providing them a clean, climate controlled work environment will keep the repairs moving and we won't get weeks behind or have excessive comebacks from improper repair.

On the 19th of November 2014 the store got a new lighted sign, 5ft x 10ft from Sign of the Times. We can now change the message whenever we want. People that live across the street, and people that drive past the store every day have come in and said, "We just saw your sign. How long have you been open?" The answer is, a little over 8 years. The store was a well kept secret.
Below is the current sign showing on the front of the building. It changes from time to time.
The picture above is one of the first programs. It was hard to read from the street. I started out with several really good pictures of the products we sell, however the detail was too good to make out from the street.

In January of 2015 we started work on our parts department. Our objectives were to correct the counts, return parts that weren't selling to the manufacturer where possible, and to move the faster selling parts closer to the parts counter. Every part has a location recorded in the computer and the computer can help to order parts when needed.

Although every part will not fit in these cabinets most parts do fit. Having the parts in the drawers Makes them easier to locate,  keeps them clean, and prevents damage.
We built a belt wall so belts can be hung in numeric order. This side is for eXmark. SCAG and Snapper are on the other side of the wall. Every belt hanger has a bar code label so you can scan directly to a sales invoice or repair ticket.
We built a rack for blades. Each blade part number has a location recorded in the computer. Every blade location has a bar code label so you can scan directly to a sales invoice or repair ticket.
Chain saw chains and bars along with other small hanging items have been moved to the wall behind the parts counter.

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